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☠ 018. [30 Sep 2019|09:01pm]
I grow weary of pointless games.

| Alexei |
We need to talk.

(edited in later)

| Hector |
How is your wife?

Are you available to talk? I shouldn't but I
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☠ 017. [29 Sep 2019|07:21pm]
The loss of my best friend's father is more tragic than I can even express.

| Alastair |
Are you done being upset with me over this? It wasn't my fault Angel found him that way. Alexei is the idiot.

| Alexei |
You made the Daily Prophet or rather our kill and yours did. How does it feel knowing you literally got away with murder?
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☠ 016. [27 Sep 2019|02:15pm]
| Alexei |
Really? A tea party?

| Nik |
Ever consider work on inferi?

| the group |
Angel needs a hug, wand tag you're it.
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☠ 015. [26 Sep 2019|08:48pm]
I don't think I've slept so well in ages. Especially not next to another person.

| Nik |
Feeling better?

| Alastair |
I'm keeping him.

| Alexei |
I have a job for you. It pays very well and is local.
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☠ 014. [25 Sep 2019|09:13pm]
| Hector |
I'm sure you weren't expecting me to write you, but I have a question and it's somewhat important.

You never felt as though I was going to kill you, did you?
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☠ 013. [24 Sep 2019|10:04pm]
My flat is about to be under quarantine. I think there's an illness inside. That or my flatmate has gone mental. She's baking again.

| Rabastan |
It was truly an honor to watch you work. I certainly learned a lot from you.

| Alexei |
Feel better? Alastair said

| Alastair |
I miss
Why couldn't you just
I need
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☠ 012. [23 Sep 2019|12:21pm]
Today is not a good day for an argument.

| Alexei |
You're going to the hospital or to a healer. I have a good one in mind.

You're going or I'm going to get blood on my dress.

| Alastair |
Where are you?

| Rabastan |
Out of respect I'm writing you before I act. But, I'm going to kill a death eater.
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[19 Aug 2019|08:50pm]
Five days until the big hunt at Hogwarts. You know, they say that humans are some of the most dangerous game there is. They can reason but you know, fear and panic overpower reason. How fun can it be to hunt something that will, like as not, simply run like all other game?

| Chaz |
You should probably take your friends and head for the hills or at least somewhere not near Hogwarts and Hogsmeade that day.

| Angel |
You know you're welcome to stay with me as long as you'd like.

| alexei |
I wonder if anyone's even looked for the body yet.

| Nik |
We'll have to have drinks again soon.
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☠ 010. [11 Aug 2019|11:31pm]
Sometimes I wonder if Chaz isn't the happier of the lot of us being disowned.

| Niklaus |
In need of new test subjects yet? My contact has several in the works for you when you're in need.
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☠ 009 [07 Aug 2019|11:13pm]
They do call humans the 'most dangerous game' do they not? Although I think that's a lie. Not all humans are unpredictable when on death's door.

Alexei, I need a proper date and my usual one is off being disowned like an idiot.

| chaz |
Maybe we should talk about moving your muggle born's family somewhere safe?

| alastair |
Bored of your idiot toy yet or is he still worth all this nonsense?
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☠ 008. [05 Aug 2019|07:15pm]
Dealing with paperwork is as pointless as Flynn's existence.

| Alexei |
I may have a job. I want to research it more but we may have something to keep us busy so don't go anywhere for a pleasure holiday.

| Chaz |
Are you willing to discuss murdering Amarok yet?
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☠ 007. Warded Private to Alastair | Alexei [01 Aug 2019|09:38am]
Amarok is alive.

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☠ 006 [22 Jul 2019|07:38pm]
Interesting times we live in, indeed.

| Alexei |
You break my brother's heart and I'm going to show you what I did to my former fiance in person. Do you understand me?

| Alastair |
Where is my logical friend when I need one.
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☠ 005 | Warded to Alexei [17 Jul 2019|08:11pm]
You're really not going to like me but I have a job for you since you're getting lazy and getting drunk.
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☠ 004 [15 Jul 2019|09:29pm]
Alastair are you avoiding us? I'm getting bored and I need my other mate.

| Alexei |
You understand that Wilhelm tortured my brother. He's going to die for it. I don't care what it takes anymore.
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☠ 003 [10 Jul 2019|09:31pm]
Business seems to be going well, especially for the Ministry. Maybe they should change Christmas to July and gift all their good employees at least one person to go after. Keep moral up. It's how I keep Alexei from getting bored. Actually speaking of...

Alexei, we should talk soon.

| Chaz |
Chaz are you still cross with me or can we go back to life as usual?
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☠ 002 [26 Jun 2019|05:26pm]
Hm. I'm starting to think people make a habit out of bad business. How unbecoming.

Where are you?
Why haven't you checked in?
I'm going to kill you if you got caught

My mood just got worse. I need a glass of wine and a chocolate bar from Honeydukes.
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☠ 001 [18 Jun 2019|08:18pm]
Good help can be so hard to find. It's a wonder anything gets done.

| Alexei |
You haven't contacted me to confirm your latest job is taken care of. Do I need to come there and take care of the subject myself?
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☠ contact post [05 Jun 2019|07:10pm]

Leadership is about vision and responsibility, not power.
     Seth Berkley
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[28 May 2019|08:32pm]
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